Thursday, 5 August 2010

"No good reason"

Correspondence from Catholic Family News - 5.8.201

Marek Bombara emails from Slovakia : 'I lived in Birmingham two years (2006-2007). The life abroad is not always easy. The best point of the week for me was always the Sunday solemn Latin Mass with Father Fenlon, Father Cleevely and the other Fathers. Their words always gave me an energy for the new week.

Following the recent situation in Oratory I am very concerned about banishing our Fathers. I do not think there was any good reason to do it. During my time in Birmingham I got a feeling (after speaking with people) that the parishioners really like and respect Father Fenlon, Father Cleevely and Brother Berry and have no objections against them.

Banishing the three Oratorians with no good reason the people of the parish are in fact punished.

If possible, please, we should consider their reinstating. Thank you.