Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More support for Fr Dermot Fenlon

Catholic & Loving it! Blog - James Preece - 15.9.2010

From the president of the German International Newman Society...

PRESS RELEASE - ROMAN SIEBENROCK (Internationale Deutsche Newman Gesellschaft)

As president of the German International Newman Society, founded by G√ľnter Biemer (Freiburg), and in the name of a lot of members of our Society, I must express my and our deep anxiety about the situation of Father Dermot.

I met Father Dermot at a Newman-Conference at Milano last year and I was deeply impressed by his personality. He invited me and my son in April to come to the Oratory while we stay for the beatification of Cardinal Newman.

And now this!

I want to express our solidarity with Father Dermot and ask the responsible persons to change this very strange and dolorous situation of this respectable priest.


Roman Siebenrock

Also, Jakob Knab expert on the life of Sophie Scholl writes...

All his life Fr Dermot Fenlon CO has been preaching and fighting for the sanctity of life.

But now his frail health is deteriorating.
Those "structures of authority" are going to ruin his life.
Our Lady of Sorrows please help your humble servant Father Fenlon!

Fr Dermot has the support of the president of the German International Newman Society, a leading expert on the influence of Newman in the life of Sophie Scholl, the director of SPUC in the UK, noted journalist Ruth Dudley Edwards as well as many parishioners at the Birmingham Oratory.
Jakob Knab has asked me to tell you that he has taken the first steps of an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights. I wonder if the Apostolic Visitor to the Birmingham Oratory has the stomach for a long, drawn out, very public fight?
Perhaps Fr Dermot could just be allowed to go home now?