Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cat becomes a star after Pope blessing

The Daily Telegraph - 8.10.2010

"Pushkin, the Birmingham Oratory cat, has become an unlikely religious hero after the Pope paused during his state visit to 'bless’ the feline and tickle his ears."

With news of the Pope meeting Pushkin the cat now widespread and indeed some reports claiming that the Pope gave the cat a "blessing", Free the Birmingham 3: Justice for Fr Fenlon asks why Fr Dermot Fenlon, Fr Philip Cleevely and Br Lewis Berry were not allowed to meet the Pope and receive his blessing?  Surely these three sons of Newman should have been afforded this dignity? 

This news story makes a mockery of the Pope's visit to the Birmingham Oratory.  It is grossly insensitive and insulting to Fr Dermot, Fr Philip and Br Lewis and it casts shame on those responsible for their exile.