Sunday, 30 January 2011

Homelessness Sunday 2011

Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley,
discussing Homelessness Sunday at the Housing
Justice Conference, held in Birmingham in June 2010

Today is Homelessness Sunday, when we remember and pray for all those affected by homelessness.  We particularly remember Fr. Dermot Fenlon.

Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, speaking at the Housing Justice Conference in June 2010, tells us that "the experience of being homeless, uprooted from what is familiar, or lacking in lasting security can undermine inner peace".  He also says that "the parable [of the Good Samaritan] reminds us how easy it is for good people to walk by on the other side of the road, too scared to get involved, too preoccupied to respond, or simply ignorant about the need."

A priest of his own diocese has today been homeless for 262 days.

The Birmingham Oratory's own newsletter today makes no reference to Homelessness Sunday.