Monday, 7 February 2011

Man and cat get promotion (but what about Fr Dermot Fenlon?)

from Catholic Pater Familias blog - 6.2.2011

February is often a time for job changes in the Oratory and there will be one or two changes this year. These will come into effect straight away.  Fr Anton will replace Fr. Guy as Parish Priest. Fr. Guy has been Parish Priest for the last ten years and done a tremendous job. He now has a new task, to set up a school of liturgical music at the Oratory. We hope to be able to do this in conjunction with Maryvale. Care for the music and worship of the Church is a strong element of the Oratory’s mission and an area in which Fr. Guy has a particular expertise. Fr. Guy will also be spending some time researching a book as a part of this project. We hope this book can be turned into a doctorate.  Although Fr. Anton is relatively new to the Oratory he has considerable expertise as a Parish Priest and Hospital Chaplain in the diocese. He will bring many great pastoral gifts to his new role.  Fr. Paul will resume his work on the Cause of Blessed John Henry as the Vice-Postulator but Fr. Richard remains the Actor (promoter) of the Cause since that job goes with being the Provost.

Oh yeah, they've also permanently transported one of those pesky Birmingham Oratory Three chaps to Canada. But hey, the bloke with the cat got promoted and the chap who had the "intense but physically chaste friendship with a young man" is back in. Another chap is off to do musical things.

This whole situation stinks to high heavens. Do they not realise you cannot make people 'disappear' quite so easily these days?

Pushkin the cat was unavailable for comment when I called earlier.