Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Birmingham Oratory - what a difference a year makes

Catholic Pater Familias blog - 9.3.2011

Take a look at the links below:

Birmingham Oratory newsletter 6 March 2011
Birmingham Oratory newsletter 12 March 2010

Pretty much a year apart but on 12 March 2010 we had:

"only the Catholic Church also teaches, clearly and consistently, the wrongness of contraception, homosexuality and abortion. What is at stake is her right, in her own schools, to continue to do so, free from State censorship and control."

On 6 March 2011 we get:

"This is because they would refuse to endorse a homosexual lifestyle for children entrusted to their care. They would not stop loving these children. They could not stop them doing what they wanted once they were of age. They simply would not say, as Christians: “This is something we can approve.” Many parents are in the same position on all kinds of issues."

Whilst I appreciate the subject being dealt with in each newsletter is different, there seems to be something of a change of tone. In one we have a clear and concise statement of the Church's position and in the other a degree of vagueness.

I'm not certain where the "all kinds of issues" comes into it unless one is trying to equate religious views on homosexuality with parental views on body piercings and tattoos.

Oh yes, I forgot, Fr Dermot Fenlon, Fr Philip Cleevely and Br Lewis Berry were removed from the Birmingham Oratory a couple of months after the March 2010 newlsetter.