Friday, 13 May 2011

The Birmingham Three: One Year On

Catholic and Loving It! blog - 13.5.2011

Today marks 365 days of exile for Brother Lewis Berry, Fr Philip Cleevely and Fr Dermot Fenlon.

I wonder, is it "soon" yet?

The Church is divided between those who believe in compromise with the world, cosying up to the establishment and being respectable... and those who believe fidelity to the truth is worth being unpopular.

The Birmingham Three were removed because their presence was making it impossible for lukewarm celebrity Catholics so snuggle up to the Beatification for a bit of publicity. Just like the Vaughan School is being attacked because it's admission policy makes it impossible for rich people in Kensington to get a place.

These things are all about silencing the faithful and accomodating those with power, influence and "prestige". Grubby poor people with too many children are not going to be financing the next multi-million eco-friendly offices of the ministry of social justice voices...

My suggestion to bloggers, families in Birmingham and Vaughan parents? Get united. Start supporting each other and let the exile of the Birmingham Three be the moment hundreds of faithful Catholics rose up to stand in their place.

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us.