Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Earthquake at the Birmingham Oratory?

As thousands of people evacuate Rome over fear of tomorrow's predicted 'big one', Free the B3: Justice for Fr Fenlon looks back (with the benefit of hindsight) at another earthquake...

"Earthquake at the Birmingham Oratory: Fr Chavasse steps down as Provost and 'Actor' of the Newman Cause" by Damian Thompson - Daily Telegraph blogs - 15.12.2009

The article opens with the question "what on earth is going on at the Birmingham Oratory?" and it outlines the changes taking place at the Oratory as per the newsletter
The second paragraph is interesting.  "Rumours of trouble at the Oratory have been vigorously circulated for months, and it’s no secret that there was a furious falling-out between the Oratory and its former press officer, Peter Jennings, who was also press officer to the then Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols."

Peter Jennings, what this Peter Jennings?

Thompson goes on to ask two very pertinent questions followed by the remark "I'm sure Archbishop Nichols could tell us, though I don’t think he will." 

Archbishop Nichols?  Hang on, didn't Jack Valero tell us this was an internal matter?

As for the earthquake in Rome, well Raffaele Bendani's prediction for a quake in 1924 was 2 days out, so that would suggest tremors on 13th May...