Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A little bit more of the jigsaw - or should I say stamp collection?

Catholic Paterfamilias - 21.8.2011

Over on James Preece's blog things seem to have got a bit warm with Peter Jennings getting very excited about some photos.

A few interesting facts about Mr Jennings:

No public event of any note seems to take place without Peter getting a set of commemorative stamps issued somewhere in the world with endorsement from some bishop or another;
He likes to make his feelings about people very clear;
He's one of Vincent Nichols' boys; and
He was Press Secretary for the Newman Cause.
So, there we have it: an occasionally potty mouthed philatelist press secretary with a predilection for serving prelates.

Now I wonder what Peter knew about what was happening at the Birmingham Oratory when the troubles there began all those months ago and I wonder who he told?