Sunday, 15 August 2010

Birmingham Oratory's Brother Lewis Berry is sent to South Africa

John Smeaton on 15.8.2010

As my regular visitors will know, three Birmingham Oratorians were ordered to spend time in prayer for an indefinite period in three separate monasteries, in Scotland, Leicestershire and France. During the past few days, it's been reported that Brother Lewis has been sent to the Port Elizabeth Oratory in South Africa.

The things which strike me most about this situation are:

• they are not only known for their championship of the unborn, they publicly opposed the anti-life, anti-family sex and relationships education policies of the last government and of the Catholic bishops' conference of England and Wales

• the powers-that-be say they are entirely guiltless of any wrong-doing whatsoever, including, specifically, sexual misdemeanours or homophobia

• the confidence and apparent ruthlessness with which manifestly unjust and draconian sentences on them are being enforced

Ruth Dudley Edwards picks up on these themes in an article in today's Irish Independent. It's worth reading. You might also wish to join the Facebook group "Free the Birmingham Three". You can also keep up with development through the Free the Birmingham Oratory Three blog.