Sunday, 15 August 2010

Writings of the highest quality

Catholic Family News – 15.8.2010

Eric Hester emails:
SIR - I must thank you for the NACF news which every week is so important. I especially commend you at the moment for drawing attention to the disturbing news of the banishment of the three Oratorians from Birmingham. It is most disturbing that such good men have been banished and also that the Catholic laity are not being given any reason for this. Since I was a head master of Catholic Schools for twenty-four years, grammar and comprehensive, and I am still an inspector of schools, I am especially interested in Catholic education. When these men were at the Birmingham Oratory their writings about education were of the highest quality. They rightly opposed the last government's plans for compulsory political sex education and highlighted the support of the Catholic Education Service for this sex education which explicitly promoted abortion, contraception and homosexuality. The quality of the statements from the Birmingham Oratory on the defence of the innocence of children were of such a high quality that I have to confess that I copied them and used them since they were better than anything I could produce. I join you in prayer that these good men may soon be reinstated and that the whole matter should be removed from the realms of secrecy.