Friday, 22 July 2011

Brother Lewis in South Africa for good...

Catholic and Loving it! blog - James Preece - 22.7.2011

Fr Richard Duffield (the monkey, not the organ grinder) writes...

From Fr Richard: - A few weeks ago, Br Lewis requested a formal transfer to the Oratory of Port Elizabeth in South Africa where he has been living since last September. Both communities have now agreed to this. He has asked us to print the message below in the Parish Bulletin:

“I’m pleased to have the opportunity to write a few words to you, the parishioners of the Oratory in Birmingham, to explain that I have requested to transfer to the Oratory of Port Elizabeth, in South Africa, where I have been living now for nearly ten months. I am very happy here, and I feel so much drawn to the particular work and life of this community that I want to remain here permanently. I thank the Birmingham Oratory community for the support they have given me in this decision. I am also grateful to the Apostolic Visitor, Father Felix Selden, both for the kindness that he has shown me and for the generosity of his decisions in my regard. I am deeply mindful of the many blessings I received whilst at Birmingham. I am now looking forward to a new future, and I ask you to support me in this with your prayers. If anyone wants to write to me I would be happy to hear from you!”

I would like to add that although the community here in Birmingham is sorry to lose Br Lewis we are pleased that he has found renewed enthusiasm for the Oratorian vocation as it is lived in a house with which we have a long-standing friendship and which some of us know well. We thank Br Lewis for his contributions to the life of this house, especially his work for the Cause of Blessed John Henry Newman; and we thank also the Fathers of the Port Elizabeth Oratory for their continued generosity and for the renewed inspiration they have given to Br Lewis. His address is: Oratory of St Philip Neri 8th Avenue PO Box 5012 Walmer 6065 Republic of South Africa

Evict somebody from their home for doing nothing wrong, force them to miss the beatification they worked so hard for, send them halfway around the world and leave them there for ten months.

What's that? He'd rather not come home?

Is anybody suprised?